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Gary Hasty

Global Practice Lead – Internet of Things – AT&T
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Gary Hasty at AT&T focuses on working with customers and partners in enabling IoT to solve business problems as well as changing the way we perform work.  Gary describes himself as a professional geek (or trouble-maker) who years ago accidentally fell into management to translate geek-speak into business-speak. He began his professional development career when he was 15 programming on several textile manufacturing applications and started the first Internet Service Provider in North Georgia back in the early 1990’s. From owning an ISP he started working in the PC Gaming world for years before jumping into the world of Telecommunications. He’s been involved in roles from industrial engineering & process improvement, security, forensic investigations, AT&T Labs to currently working with Internet of Things to work on future concepts across enterprise clients in Retail, Hospitality & Start-Ups.  Gary was recently voted one of the top 40 innovation leaders in the enterprise

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